We follow the recommended vaccination guidelines set forth by the American Animal Hospital Association. Many serious infectious diseases can be prevented by vaccination. Even indoor pets can be exposed to viruses in the air, in dust, or on clothing. Vaccinating your pet is an inexpensive way to protect against these potentially deadly diseases.

General Vaccination Guidelines

Puppies Kittens
6-9 Weeks DAPPL 6-9 Weeks RCP
10-12 Weeks DAPPL + Bordetella 10-12 Weeks RCP + Leukemia
12-14 Weeks DAPPL + Bordetella 12-14 Weeks RCP + Leukemia
15-16 Weeks Rabies 15-16 Weeks Rabies

Adult dogs and cats are vaccinated according to previous vaccination history and exposure risks following AAHA guidelines.

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