Advances in veterinary surgery have allowed practitioners to successfully perform increasingly complicated and invasive surgical procedures in an effort to prolong the life span and improve the quality of life of their patients.

Veterinary Surgeries We Offer

The Veterinary Medical Center offers numerous soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries including:

  • Spays and Neuters
  • Cruciate Ligament Repairs
  • Fracture Repairs
  • Tumor Removals
  • Exploratory Surgery
  • Bladder Stone Removal

All of our surgeries are performed in a sterile surgery suite with Isoflourane gas anesthesia and monitoring with pulse oximetry.

Pain relief is available and recommended for all surgical procedures. We also advocate pre-anesthetic blood screenings to check for potential underlying problems before sedation.

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If you are considering veterinary surgery for your pet, please contact us at (423) 282-4113 to make an appointment with your Veterinary Medical Center veterinarian.

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